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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Forever Yung Beauty Tips from In-house Beauty Editor, Aunt Eunice

Hello dear sisters! There are so many topics to cover in so little time (at my age, time is of the assence): Make-up, Accessories, Wardrobe, Breast Implants...the list goes on. But today I want to touch on what I believe is the most important asset of all--our hair. Now, I think I've offended some of my followers, because I've received some hate mail this past week from women who have gone eu natural...plainly speaking: gray. So let me clarify my standing: If it feels good, go for it! Personally speaking, I tried it once (going gray), but all of my up-close-&-personal friends told me I looked 30 years older (I was 75 at the time). Well, that did it! I marched myself down to the Piggly Wiggly Market and bought me a life-time supply of Nice-N-Easy, and never looked back. I always carry an extra bottle with me in my Walmart handbag, just in case I might get stranded on a deserted island with some surfer dude (which island does Kenny Chesney own??)
My motto is: Whether long or short, flat or curly, go with whatever makes you feel alive! As you can see in my glamour shot, I've streaked--my hair, that is--although I tried streaking once on my 84th birthday at the assisted living home, but it didn't go over so well, but that's another story! My, the brain goes from one topic to the next, so please bare with me.
I'm leaving tomorrow for my first trip to New York City; Miss California has scheduled a luncheon for me to meet Donald Trump...something about being a judge in next year's Miss America contest. My life is full of surprises...is yours?? Yours truly, Aunt Eunice

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Terra said...

Aunt Eunice you are quite a lovely gal, and share some great beauty tips. Good idea to keep the hair color with you at all times, in case of a desert island misadventure.