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Monday, May 22, 2017

Lady Traveler's Appointment.

There will always be the unknown.  There will always be the unprovable.
But faith confronts those frontiers with a thrilling leap.
Then life becomes vibrant with adventure!

Our old hometown, Huntington Beach, CA
There we are, camping near the Surf City pier
There were times when I asked myself,
Who am I?
Why am I here?
Where am I going?
I have a feeling you've asked yourself those questions 
at least once in your life, 
especially on a bad day.

Through my seventy-one years,
I'm slowly learning who I am, why I'm here,
but I still don't know where I'm going.
Well, besides heaven.

I've stopped wearing most my masks.
For example, the one that politely answers,
I'm just fine, thank you.
when someone asks how I am.
When actually I want to say,
I'm crappy, thank you.
I'm going through a divorce,
I can't eat or sleep,
my Mother just died,
and my Daddy has been diagnosed with Parkinson's.
(that was me, back in 1986)

Where's my mask?
Zion National Park, UT  2016
Through the years, through many challenges,
God has shown me how to be more honest.
I don't have to say all the right words,
and do all the right things.
I don't have to be perfect.
So I threw my sweaty, stinky masks in the trash can.
(don't you remember those confining halloween masks 
you wore when you were a kid? Yuk!)

And with that came such freedom!

Moab, UT  2016

I love the story of Esther because 
she didn't know what her outcome would be,
but she resigned herself to obey God anyway.
And her obedience saved millions of Jews from annihilation.
That was her appointment.
Read her story in the Old Testament to inspire and encourage you
because each of us has an 'appointment.'

I say all that to say this, my friend:
You are special.
You have an appointment for such a time as this.
(wife, mother, single career gal, doctor, nutritionist, architect, writer,
artist, housekeeper, whatever your title)
You might not know all the details, but that's okay.
You have a purpose, an assignment.
Whether big or little in our sight, it doesn't matter.
It's BIG in God's eyes,
and that's all that really matters.

So I ask myself daily,
Am I in alignment with my assignment?
(that has a ring to it, doesn't it?)

As you pray, God will guide you daily, step by step.
Simple, isn't it?
That gives us the freedom to enjoy our life,
God's creation, and God's blessings,

I wish you oceans of freedom blessings!

... and who knows whether thou art come to the kingdom 
for such a time as this?
Esther 4:14