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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Lady Traveler, walking, biking, & swimming in Surfside ~ Part 3

One doesn't realizes how beautiful it is to travel until 
one comes home and
rests one's head on one's old,  familiar pillow.

Happy to be back in Surfside, SC May 2017

What a wonderful, whimsical week I had at
Ocean Lakes in Surfside, South Carolina.

Morning, afternoon, and evening swims.
Likewise, morning, afternoon, and evening walks along the beach.
Ditto bikerides.
Meeting new friends.
And of course, lots of writing.

My beach walks were my favorite times.
Each day as I gazed out at the magnificent Atlantic,
memories returned of the weeks spent crossing the Pond
on the WWII ship, MS Restoration.
Surrounded by miles of water, I was always reminded of how small I was,
and how great our God is.

Enjoying the surf with a dear friend.
Thank you, Betty and Reg, for driving down from Florence,
not once, but twice!
(they will follow us anywhere!)
I'm writing this blog from the comfort--and spaciousness--of my home-on-land.
(I consider Moon River to be our home-on-wheels).
Two homes.  Two worlds.

All the comforts of home.  It's called 'glamping'!
Popcorn loves glamping too!

Upon arriving home after our long drive home from the beach on Sunday,
(the traffic was bad)
my body needed to move around, so Rob and I spent several hours
emptying the RV of food, clothes, dirty laundry, etc.
Finally, after a long-awaited shower, I fell into bed and slept for 10 hours!
I never sleep that long, so I guess my body was telling me something:
Take a break.

Now, enough about me.
Many of you tell me that you are living vicariously through my travels,
thus, the title of my blog, Lady Traveler.
Some of you, due to circumstances beyond your control
--health issues, family responsibilities, work obligations--
cannot take off and travel for long periods of time.
(By the way, we couldn't either until Rob retired in 2015.
Also, we were care givers for Rob's Mother until she went to heaven in 2015).

A few of you just do not have the desire to travel.
You're content with staying at home, which is wonderful.
Travel isn't for everyone.
I just happen to love the combination of staying at home and traveling.

My encouragement to you is small, yet wise:
Wherever you are, at home or on the road,
Make each day count.
Smile, and thank God that He has allowed you to live another day.
Be aware of your surroundings.
There is someone outside your door that needs your smile,
that needs a word of encouragement from YOU.

Lady Traveler's view from Moon River
Surfside, South Carolina 2017
June will find Lady Traveler heading west to Shawnee, Oklahoma to an ACA Rally,
then north to Missouri to visit our son and d-in-love,
Shawn and Frances (yay!)
God only knows where we'll end up in July ...
Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, North Carolina ... 
Time will tell.

For now, this lady is going to spend the month of May 
enjoying every minute at home,
resting, writing, and 
inviting family and friends over for food,
coffee, sweet tea, a glass of wine,
and good ol' southern hospitality.

A view of Lady Traveler's backyard. Home sweet home.

Lady Traveler wishes you oceans of Mother's Day blessings,
and lots of rest in Him.

Come to me, all of you who are tired and have heavy loads,
and I will give you rest.
Matthew 11:28