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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Lady travels across America one state at a time Part 3

Canyonlands, Moab Utah
For those of you who follow my Facebook page,
you get a day-by-day peek
at our journey across America,
one state at a time.
More details and more pictures.
Otherwise, you have to settle for my
quickie blogs, so here goes.

We're so happy to be in Utah.
this is our first time to visit Moab, Utah
and we're so glad we did.
Millions of years of history can be seen here.
Our first day was spent in Canyonlands.
Canyonlands in Moab Utah
Beauty beyond words.
Dead Horse Point

Dead Horse Point
Colorado River 2,000 feet below

Dead Horst Point
Colorado River
This is my favorite place in Moab.
I could have stayed most of the day.

Yes, we did eat.
Rob got his first Mexican dinner, 
but not his last I'm sure.
Fiesta Mexicana, Moab Utah

And we ate healthy too!
Peace Tree Health Food Cafe
Moab Utah

I highly recommend both restaurants, 
plus many more that the town of Moab offers.
We ate el fresca at all of these restaurants.
Eddie McStiff's
Pyro and pizza.

Moon over Moab

Too many pictures to post.
When you travel,
remember to cherish each moment,
and when 'hiccups' come along
(like an air conditioner going kaput)
you take a deep breath, pray,
and know that everything will be okay.

Next blog:
Zion, Utah!

Happy trails to you
until we meet again.