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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Lady is traveling the USA--North to Indiana and Other Delightful Destinations, Part 1

I'll stride freely through wide open spaces as I look for 
Your truth and Your wisdom.
Psalm 119:45 the Message

One of many cities we traveled through on our recent road trip

I started out trying to blog once a week.
Didn't work.
How about every other week?
So I'm shooting for once a month.
I'm trying.
Okay, now that's over ...
lets hit the road!

We left June 4th.  Our destination:  a Fleetwood RV rally in Decatur, Indiana.

We are considered RVNewbies since we just bought our
40' American Tradition in January ... almost on a whim.
We blame it God for dropping this 2004 beauty in our laps.

After three jaunts to a few local favorite places in our home state of South Carolina
--Myrtle Beach, Hunting Island, Dreyer Island--
we decided to take it a step further.
After all, we're considered 'glampers' now, so here we go ...

After hours of traveling through the beautiful Appalachian Mountains,
we spent the first night at a Super Walmart just north of Knoxville, Tennessee,
the town where my Daddy was born.
(We have decided to drive no more than five hours a day,
stopping at rest strops for lunch, walks, and short naps.
Lovely, and fun!)

We loved driving through green Kentucky where
horses--and bourbon--abound.
Again, we stayed at another fun-friendly Super Walmart
where we shop for food and necessities.
Note: If you want an entertaining evening of 'people-watching',
then you must plan to stop at a Super Walmart.
Another Note: Always call Walmart before you arrive to make sure they allow RV overnighters
because each state varies.

The next day we crossed the state line to Ohio
where we spent the afternoon and night
at a nice KOA in Wapakoneta, Ohio.
(you might have to get your map out for this one)
The pool was just what my bionic knee needed.
Nine weeks after my knee replacement surgery,
I'm still in pain and swollen and I'm still learning to pace myself.
I use my magic walking cane, when needed,
and lots of prayer, always.

My first swim since my April knee replacement surgery...feels so good!

The next morning we were ready to hit the road to our destination,
The Fleetwood Rally in Decatur, Indiana,
but first we had to cross the Ohio/Indiana state line.
It's always fun to cross state lines.
I took lots of videos, which I shall post when I figure out how to do it.

The Fleetwood Rally... 200+ of these big beautiful babies!

Berne, Indiana is a lovely Amish town near Decatur
that was founded in 1820 by a large group from Switzerland.
Berne, IN reminds us of Solvang, CA

The 'rowdy rally ladies' loaded into two buses for Fort Wayne IN for
afternoon tea at a beautiful downtown museum and gardens.
Away we go to Fort Wayne!

Butterflies galore among the gardens

That evening there was wine tasting on Main Street,
all from the local farmers.
(they have to have something to do in their off-season)
Afternoon tea and evening wine...ya can't beat that.

Decatur is a lovely artsy town.
Main Street is scattered with various art work
from the locals. 

Y'all know how I love to travel.
We have met some brave and adventurous people
who are full-time RVers.
I admit that I'm often tempted to throw all cares to the wind,
sell everything, and take off to places unknown.
But so far I have come back to my senses and I smile big
as we slowly pull into our posh neighborhood.
On a golf course, I might add. But we don't golf.
And we don't live in one of those posh houses.
We fell in love with one of those cozy brick patio homes that overlooks a pond
filled with fish,
and deer grazing just before dawn.

I sigh as we continue to drive down to the end of our street
(which happens to be a convenient culdesac for us to load and unload our 40-foot coach)
and pull into our somewhat snug driveway.

Ahh, home sweet home.
So that's why we are not 'full-timers' ... yet.

My new friend!
Yes, we travel to beautiful places across the USA
but my favorite part is meeting all of the
beautiful people along the way.
I love listening to their stories,
then sharing mine for anyone who will listen.
When I corner them long enough,
(one of my famous marketing skills)
they want to buy my book
LADY and the SEA*.

Next time in Part 2, we'll travel north to Lake Michigan,
south to Wheeling, West Virginia,
Winston-Salem, NC and more,
so stay tuned.
Until then,

I wish you oceans of safe travels!

God invites you to vacation in His splendor.
He invites you to feel the touch of His hand.
He invites you to feast at His table.
He wants to spend time with you.

*To order LADY and the SEA, go to: www.sharonleaf.com