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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Daughter's 50th, and other Surgical Moments

Sunrise at Hunting Island, SC 2016
May your footsteps set you upon a lifetime journey of love.
May you wake each day with His blessings
and sleep each night in His keeping.
And may you always walk in His tender care.

Hello... how are you?
Now, may I ask,
when does one have the time to write?
I know, I know,
a writer must make time to write.
Just as a
painter must make time to paint that priceless picture,
or the photographer must make time for those magnificent photo shoots,

So, lets talk a little about guilt
because I know we all go through this
at one time or another.

I'm guilty of sleeping until after 7,
sipping my first cup of coffee until 8 or 9 while reading, watching TV,
or watching a sunrise.
By the time I put on my face,
get dressed, make the bed,
eat breakfast, clean kitchen,
put in a load of laundry or two,
take Popcorn for her morning walk,
It's lunchtime.

And so the days go.
However, I do have lots of fun in-between.
No guilt there.
After all, I am retired.

Between the process of all my long-awaited 
pre-op surgery appointments, classes, etc.
over the last two months,
I have been spending lots of time at the gym
swimming and working out
to prepare my body for my upcoming knee replacement surgery.
Brownie points here.

Jacquie's 50th Birthday Bash
Family & Friends
"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!"
And then there was my daughter's big
last Saturday night.
I always over-extend myself at her parties
because I have so much fun
singing old and new songs from
all genres.
Now I'm hoarse and my knee really hurts.
But worth all the pain for a night
of pure celebration.
More brownie points.

Speaking of age...
Golly, I don't feel 70 until
I realize that I now have a daughter who is
I'm old,
But young at heart.
And that's what matters.
More brownie points to feeling young.

As I continue to prepare for my surgery,
which shall FINALLY take place this Monday morning,
My heart is full of thankfulness
for the many blessings in my life,
including the best ortho-surgeon in the south
(thus the long waiting list for surgery).
I also know that I am in the hands of the great physician,
not to forget my Robinski and family and friends.
Then after three weeks of in-house rehab,
Robinski will gently load me into 
Moon River,
(I named her just the other day; so appropriate, don't you think?)
our 40-foot American Tradition coach,
and off we'll travel to Myrtle Beach for a week...
or more.
Moon River is ready to travel
I know I'll find time to write on the road.
Then: no more guilt.
But don't expect too much while
I'm mending from my surgery.

Strangely, as I write this blog,
I feel the guilt melting away.
After all, what is really meaningful in this life anyway?
God, Family, and Friends.

So as you read this,
I hope you are being set free from the guilt you may be feeling.
Make sure your priorities are in order,
then go out and make this a beautiful day.

And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

I shall soon return as
Lady Traveler aka the Bionic Woman!

Until next time,
Keep traveling on your journey of love

Stand at the crossroads and look...
ask where the good way is,
and walk in it, 
and you will find rest for your souls.
Joshua 6:16

Here's wishing you oceans of springtime blessings.