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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Home again for Lady Traveler

My autumns in Zion with Daddy and brother John

Autumn has blown in
And I'm back home after our 
Deployment to Kingstree, South Carolina,
A town still reeling from the
Destruction of the 1,000-year flood.
I was blessed to be a small part of the Christ In Action (CIA) team who
Traveled from near and far to 
Bring hope to America's families in South Carolina.
Ready for action
Now, back in my comfortable surroundings,
It all seems like a bad dream.
But the people who we left behind
Are still struggling with the
Reality of the horrendous waters
That raged through their homes.

When I know there are so many hurting people,
Sometimes I find it hard...
but I have to take a deep breath,
call a friend,
and laugh a little.
Friends are a wonderful gift.
Never take them for granted.
One of many piles...from molded walls to precious memories...

This is my second deployment and
Hopefully not my last.
The memories and my feelings are difficult to put into words 
So I will simply ask you,
My readers, my friends,
To continue to pray for the families who are in need.
Thank you.

My favorite pastime ... laughing!

For pictures of the Kingstree, South Carolina flood, go to

When you pass through the waters,
I will be with you;
and through the rivers,
they shall not overflow you...
Isaiah 43:2

I wish you oceans of blessings for the
Thanksgiving Season