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Thursday, February 12, 2015

To Lady Traveler's Friends...YOU are my VALENTINE!

Rose aka Rosie ... loves you!

A friend loveth at all times
Proverbs 17:17a

My husband is my Valentine.
I am blessed to have him in my life.
But I have friends who do not have a 
special someone.

So I say to you:
don't fret, mope, or pull the drapes closed
and yank the blanket over your head.
Instead, reach out to someone
who doesn't have a
Valentine either,
buy a box of chocolates,
pour a glass of wine
(or strong coffee),
and toast to

As many of you know, January was a
challenging and bittersweet month for me.
I lost my mom-in-law,
my Carolina cousin,
and my true friend.
We will all be together again in heaven.

Now, having said that, there are no words to describe the 
loss that I have felt.
But through this time of sorrow,
my family has been a comfort
and I thank God for them.
I have also been blessed to be surrounded by 
fantastic friends.
(you know who you are).

After Rob's Mom's funeral, we flew to California.
I was able to say 'good-bye' to
my true friend, Debbie Kreitzer,
I thanked the Lord for the
special but short intimate moments I was able to share with her.

Paris with my Valentine 2014
Two days after returning home from our trip to SoCal,
I was sitting at my farm table, sipping a cup of coffee when
a friend called to give me his frequent-flyer miles so
I could  fly back to California for
Debbie's Celebration Ceremony!
Six days later I was back on a jet plane.

My grade-school friend, Teri,
(alias Prissy in my book, Lady and the Sea)
opened her home to me
(that overlooks the blue Pacific, I might add!)
and volunteered to be my Driving Miss Daisy for the week as well.
I slept upstairs on a queen-size blow-up mattress in
Teri's Holly Hobby Craft Room
where her creative gifts surrounded me.
(her grandson had priority in the downstairs guest room--can't compete with the grandkids!)
There wasn't much room to walk around, but ...
at least I could dress without leaving the mattress.
And there was even a full-length mirror hanging behind the door, but ...
no room to stand in front of it.
Oh, the joys of traveling.

Another friend (I love you Joni!) drove me to 
Debbie's celebration ceremony and picnic
where I spent hours with many of 
my FFL (friends-for-life).
I truly experienced a million shades of love.

The frosting on the cake was my 
69th birthday dinner with three FFL on the
San Clemente pier.

I lost three special people in January.
No one can take their place.
But through this, I realized that
I am still surrounded by family and friends
who are my precious jewels.

My 'frequent-flyer' week was my Birthday gift from Jesus.
I felt His presence every step (and aeroplane) of the way.
He is my real Valentine.
Is He yours?
If He is, then you won't be alone this
Valentine's Day!

The Lord before whom I have walked,
will send His angel with you to make your journey successful.
Genesis 24:40 NASB