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Monday, November 17, 2014

Along the lines of writing...how Lady Traveler's gutsy dream began

Dreams come true a step at a time, with little accomplishments along the way.
Writing, even on holiday in Belize 2010
When my book
Lady and the Sea
first hit the bookshelves,
it was a thrill to walk through the bookshops until I found Lady's display ...
Regional, Fiction,
Inspirational, Christian Fiction, Travel ...
How easy it is to forget the excitement of those early days ...

... until the other night at
our Autumn Neighborhood gathering ...
... a gentleman that I barely say hello or wave to
came over to me and announced,
"I read your book."
I felt that familiar heart-flutter.
"You did?"
Then he added, "I loved it, but there was only one thing I didn't like."
I held my breath, then asked, "What was that?"
"I didn't want your book to end."
I wanted to hug him, but contained myself.
"You are going to have a sequel aren't you?"
I often get asked that question.
"Well, I'm working on my next book,
Lady on the Run.
More like a pre-sequel.

More proof that I spent hours toiling over Lady and the Sea,
and drinking lots of coffee
Yesterday I received an email from a young woman, 
asking if I would be a
guest speaker at their upcoming Gals Night Out event
and how much I charged.
The timing was so like God because
just the other day I was asking Him,
Who is my audience?
I had my own ideas,
but God answered,
Lady and the Sea is for everyone who needs to be 
encouraged to follow their dreams,
say yes to Me,
and then trust Me.

So simple.

My dream
May I ask,
What is your dream?
Is your dream coming true?
If you don't have a dream,
I dare you to embrace one.
Whether a simple dream or a big dream,
through thick or thin,
God will provide.

Lady has some competition with Sarah Jessica Parker!
My first book signing. Ahh, the thrill of it all!
 Charlotte, NC
December 2011

My favorite part of book events: meeting wonderful people!
East Coast Book Launch Pineville, NC
December 2011

My buddy, Tia, baked a feast for book lovers.
West Coast Book Launch Huntington Beach, CA
January 2012

Well, I thought I'd take a few moments to share with you
the beginnings of my dream.
And the best is yet to come!

Be confident.
Stay humble,
and love the journey!

All my fellow townsmen know that you are 
a woman of noble character.
Ruth 3:11