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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Travelin' Across Town To A Birthday Party

Destinee at an orphanage in Mexico
My quick, unedited blog (gotta get ready for a birthday bash):

Twenty-three years ago the sweetest little baby girl was born.
I drove her Mama (my daughter, Jacquie) to the hospital
(I think Tom thought it was another 'false labor').  
It was the typical So-Cal morning traffic, way too slow, 
bumper to bumper.  Jacquie was in labor.  
I was praying while driving (not the same as texting).  
Over the past weeks she had had several 'false labors' 
so I was familiar with the freeway to 
Kaiser Hospital in Anaheim Hills.  

We made it to the hospital just in time for little 
Destinee Taylor Blake to pop out 
(yes, Tom made it to the hospital in time) 
and our lives have been on a fast-track ever since. 

Destinee is my only granddaughter 
(I have three grandsons, thanks to Rob's daughter), 
so you can imagine the dilemma I had when we 
had to leave for Bible school in Sweden 
when she was only six weeks old.  
Whew. Tears. Doubts (am I doing the right thing?)  
But God honored our faithfulness to His calling by 
bringing Tom, Jacquie, AND baby Destinee to 
Sweden for New Year's.  
Two weeks with my sweet lil' darling was my shot in the arm to 
get me through the snowy Swedish winter.  
Then six months later, after touring Israel and 
trekking through Siberia for a month, 
Jacquie and Destinee flew to Sweden for two weeks, 
then we all flew home together.  Double blessing.

Okay, as you can see, this is MY story, so it's all about 
me, Destinee, and God's faithfulness.

Trust God, obey Him, 
and He will give you the desires of your heart.  
God knew I was longing to see my granddaughter, and Voila!  Thank you, Lord.

A few summers ago
eating at Mellow Mushroom with family
Rob and I moved to South Carolina eight years ago, 
and after many plane trips back and forth, 
Tom, Jacquie, and Destinee moved here three years ago
and live fifteen minutes away.  We didn't plan it.  
We still laugh about it.  God did it.  Life can't get much better.  Well, yes it could.  
Son Shawn and wife Frances could end up here.  
How cool would that be?  

But when I pray, I always pray for God's will for my family, 
not my will.  

Destinee loves her mud runs

The 3 GLITS Gals*
Whether on a mud run, on the mission field, or 
working as a make-up artist for MAC Cosmetics, 
Destinee is a gifted, talented, God-loving young woman.  
She loves her family and friends, but most of all, 
she loves God.

I love Destinee more than words can say.  
Now that I think about it, she has followed me wherever I go ... Sweden, Seattle (when we lived on a WWII ship)
and now South Carolina.  
That says a lot about our love for each other. 

Today, this Grama prays for God's will 
to be accomplished in her granddaughter's life.  
And Destinee, if you read this, 
I wish you smooth sailing on life's journey, 
and oceans of blessings,

Love, Grams Leaf