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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

16 days in Costa Rica ~ Part 1

First 2 and last 2 days in Playa Panama, Costa Rica

Two roads diverged by the sea,
and I -- 
I took the one less traveled by,
and that has made all the difference.

Part 1

Trekking through Costa Rica for sixteen days 
in a small 4X Suzuki was Rob's idea, 
and I'm glad I decided to go along for the ride.  
Costa Rica was on Rob's Bucket List so 
he made the flight arrangements, 
found several boutique hotels online, 
rented the 4X, and the rest 
we made up along the way.

Part 1 
will give you some suggestions on 
what to pack to make your travels easier, 
whether you're traveling through Central America or 
the USA.
 I'm not a professional travel guide, but 
I've been around the block a few times...
...Russia, Siberia, Greece, Israel, Estonia, Sweden, 
to name a few.

Standing next to our rented 4X Subaru with my teal backpack and Rob's basic black
First, travel light.  
Rob told me while packing for our first trip to 
Russia and Estonia back in '91: 
"Take only what YOU can carry."  
As I slowly began removing items that I thought I needed, 
I later realized this was good advise for women 
who think they must bring several outfits per day, 
loads of make-up, skin and hair care, and  jewelry galore.  
As for me, I've learned to be a light traveler because 
I dislike having to come home and unpack.

Since this trip's destination was Costa Rica in the summer, here are a few suggestions.

Plane travel: White casual roll-up pants that 
I only wore on the plane (Old Navy); 
striped vintage t-shirt
 layered with a beige pullover (Free People) because 
planes are always cold; 
walking shoes (Sketchers Moving Foam) that I only wore on plane; 
watch, earrings, bracelet. That's it.

Backpack and purse (TJ Max)
Blue clothes carrier* fits perfectly in backpack.
Zipper carriers* for undies and cosmetics fit in backpack with ease.
Don't forget your journal!
*I bought mine at AAA on sale but you can find them at TJMaxx
In my clothes carrier: 2 pairs of White Stag walking shorts, white and tan (Walmart for $7.98); 
2 vintage cotton striped tops (Loft); 
2 sleeveless tops (Belk); swimsuit (TJMaxx) and a 
cover-up (also used as a sundress). 
Shoes: walking sandals (Easy Spirit @ Belk); 
I lived in my blue flip-flops.
Cosmetic/accessory carrier: 3 oz. bottles of shampoo, moisturizers, lotions, wash cloth 
(some smaller hotels do not offer these items), 
razor, deodorant, etc. 
Undies carrier: 8 lower, 3 upper (sports bras), 
It was Costa Rica's rainy season so 
I stuffed a roll-up rain jacket in it's little pouch 
but didn't use it--too hot!

In case of emergency I carry my make-up case 
(only wore lipstick and eyeliner most of trip); 
med-case for my 3 prescriptions and vitamins; 
small butt pack with passport and money; 
small wallet; toothpaste/toothbrush; 
mini-iPad; iPhone; pen/journal.  
Bored yet?  
I'm almost finished.  
Breath mints, kleenex, sani-cloths, comb and hair clip.  
I'm leaving something out, but I can't remember what. 
Oh, yes...on day 8 we did our laundry at the Bula-Bula Hotel.

White sleeveless,
morning or evenings
Costa Rica

Blue striper wears morning or evening
(wore this hip hat once at
a coffee plantation in the rain forest 
Monteverde, Costa Rica
I wore these flip-flops everywhere.


A Necessity I forgot: 
anti-diahrea pills in the event that 
Montezuma's Revenge finds you. 
Rob went to a local pharmacia to get me some help.  
Day 13 found me in bed all day, and 
MR followed me home for a week, so pack the pills!

Part 2 will take you 
On the Road with Lady Traveler and her 
sidekick, Robinski (Rob's Russian nickname).  
Hold on because our journey could make you a little car sick.  Faith, Food and Friends will be the topic of Part 3.  After all, isn't that what traveling is all about?

Running on the hot sand at Playa Pirates, Costa Rica

Until next time, 

I wish you smooth sailing and 

oceans of blessings 

on your hot, summer days.

Put your hope in the Lord.
Travel steadily along His path.
Psalm 37:34 NLT