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Monday, January 20, 2014

To Sochi, With Love ~ Part 1

Me and nurse Liv Kersti in Sochi Harbor 1995
on WWII ship MS Restoration
Behind us is the seaside town of Sochi
directly behind are the mountains where the skiing events will take place
He protected us on our entire journey 
and among all nations through which we traveled.  
Joshua 24:17

We don't know how the 2014 Winter Olympics will turn out next month, but I know of a very successful event that took place in Sochi that is written down in God's history book.  I was a small part of this prophetic journey.  That is why I was compelled to write Lady and the Sea, a novel based on my true story.

The photo above was taken on the deck of the MS Restoration June 23 1995 in the Sochi harbor.  The day was clear, warm and full of electricity.  After fourteen months on board the WWII ship, we had finally arrived in Sochi, Russia where we would pick up and transport eight Russian Jews to Haifa Israel.  A small group, yes, but it was our 'breakthrough' trip for the thousands of Russian Jews that would follow, free of charge.
Note: You never know when your own 'breakthrough' moment will take place, so stay alert.

For security reasons, the crew was told to stay on board except for the captains and those who loaded the large crates that were filled with the Russian Jews' personal belongings.  And Rob.  How he got permission to set foot on Sochi soil, I'll never know.  Neither will he.  Only God.

Next week I will write an excerpt from Lady and the Sea that tells one of the more emotional moments of my journey.

As we each travel our own journey, 
Who knows where their paths will lead?  
We take one step at a time and trust God.  
God is great.  God is good.
Knowing this will give us peace to take the next step.


Monday, January 13, 2014

Lady Traveler asks, What are you wRiting for? and Who are you wRiting for?

Stay focused

Whether you are a wRiter, fRiend, aRtist, or just like to stop by my blog, I must share a story that will make you think twice before beginning your next venture.

One winter night composer Johann Sebastian Bach was scheduled to debut a new composition.  He arrived at the church expecting it to be full.  He soon learned that no one had come.  Without missing a beat, he told the musicians that they would still perform as planned.  Bach raised his baton, and soon the empty church was filled with magnificent music.

Doesn't this story make you want to do some soul searching?  I closed my laptop and asked myself, would I write if God were my only audience?  Would my writing be any different?

Bach's story reminded me to stay focused on what God has called me to write, whether anyone shows up or not.  The stories will fall into the hands of those who need to be encouraged along their spiritual journey.  That is why I wrote and published Lady and the Sea, and that is why I am continuing my writing journey with Lady on the Run, a book to help women run their physical and spiritual race at their own pace.  Believe me, I'm writing from my own personal experience--I know the importance of not comparing our race with others.  From walking to jogging, from jogging to running, we can run our race successfully if it is at our own pace.

That my ways might show forth Your glory,
That You, dear Lord, greatly deserve!
With Your precious blood You've redeemed me--
In all my days, You I would serve!  ~  Somerville 

God's Word reminds us,

Do not do your charitable deeds before men, to be seen by them.  Matthew 6:1

I'm writing for you, Lord