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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lady Traveler, the painting

"Lady Traveler"
We had just moved from Southern California to South Carolina in the summer of 2006. 
Rob had to fly back to California to finish up details in Huntington Beach.  
Tired of unpacking, and weary from my latest case of writer's block on my novel, 
Lady and the Sea, 
I decided to take a few hours off to explore and stroll the local mall.  
That is when I came across a lovely painting in an art studio, titled 
Lady Traveler.

As I stood gazing at Lady Traveler
I felt inspired. I sighed.
"She is me." 
I had traveled the world.  I loved hats. And I was a lady.  
I knew if Lady Traveler were hanging somewhere in my new home, 
she would inspire me to complete my book.
So when Rob returned, I took him to the little art shop and showed him the painting. 
He smiled.  "That is you.  We must buy it."

Do you have a dream that needs a little inspiration?  
Are you finding yourself at a crossroads and asking yourself, 
shall I just drop the whole idea OR 
shall I continue pursuing my dream?

I hit the wall many times as I pursued writing Lady and the Sea.  
Was this book part of my destiny? Part of of my DNA?  
Was it a life-changing project?  Perhaps.
But how would I know until I completed this task-at-hand?  
Through hours of toiling at my computer, laptop, iPad, anything that I could write on, 
I continued on until ...

... September 2011 -- my D-day of publication!  
I was estatic!  I was thrilled!  
I stood next to Lady Traveler and clutched my first copy of Lady and the Sea.
We did it!
Then I launched my Lady into the world.  
And that's when my world slowly changed.  
Receiving emails, phone calls from as far away as Norway, Sweden, 
telling me how Lady had given them faith for forgotten dreams.  
Two women completed and published their books because of my words of encouragement.  
I can't even remember their exact words I spoke to them, but who cares?  
They know.  God knows.

I'm sharing this with you to say,  
Don't give up on your dream.
You have a special gift that can touch others.  
You may think it's small, but that gift is very BIG in the eyes of God.

Your dream may be to reach out to help others. 
To help people live a healthier life. 
To feed the poor.  To paint, or to start a blog or ... write a book!?! 
 My word to you is GO FOR IT!
Be a Dream Maker.  
Take baby steps, keep taking them, and before long, 
you'll find your dream unfolding before your very eyes.  
Your challenges and your passion will take you to the finish line!
Until next time, I want to leave you with two verses that 
encouraged me on days when I was discouraged and asked, 
"God, did you really call me to write my story?"

That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works.  
Psalm 26:7

How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publish peace...that publish salvation; that sayeth to Zion, Thy God reigneth!  
Isaiah 52:7

Happy days while writing in Belize

My Lady, my dream