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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wherever Lady travels, there are families

From the USA to across the pond, Families are a blessing

I love meeting families from all walks of life.  Familia.  Familj.  Familie.  I enjoy learning their different customs.  Russians.  Greeks.  Israelis.  Swedes.  No matter where my tired feet have ended up at the end of a long day, families have always restored my energy and well being.  But no matter what country, city, or state I hang my hat, I can always sense the harmony ... or disharmony in that home.

When God created man and woman, He said it was very good.  They were to be fruitful and multiply,  and so they did.

God created family, so we can see why Satan tries to split them apart--he wants to tear down what God created.  Satan's happy when he succeeds.  And we are the ones who suffer ... the husband, the wife, the kids, a nation.  And the damage can last for years.  Dysfunction loves to settle in.  Estrangement often arises and its hard when the family member was once close and you still love them dearly.

We have family members who are easy to love.  We also have those who are challenging for us to be in the same room at the annual Christmas gathering.

There are the one-sided relationships.  YOU want it; they don't, for whatever reason.  Over the years I've found myself frustrated about a family member who I just can't get close to, no matter how I've tried.  But I can't read minds.  What am I doing wrong? I asked myself over and over.  Finally, the Holy Spirit spoke to me, "Sharon, you can't expect something from someone that they don't have to give."  I thought about that one sentence long and hard, and it helps me a lot when I start to mull over the situation in my head for the hundredth time.  I admit that I'm a slow learner.

So what to do?

A few tips:  First of all, I'm not a psychiatrist, but I have enough common sense to know that it begins with me.  So my friends,  let us be the ones who pray and break the generational curses of dysfunction over our families.  We cannot force relationships, whether they are our spouses, our children, or our siblings, but we can let go of our own years of family baggage and continue to love them and pray for peace and reconciliation.  God will show us the way, step by step.  It is our choice to follow Him, trust Him, and love Him.  When to say I'm sorry?  Perhaps never, but you will know in your heart when and if it is time to say those two words that causes your heart to flutter, yet brings so much freedom afterwards.

One thing I know:  right now, I am thanking God for my blogging family!

I wish your family smooth sailing and oceans of blessings!


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