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Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Time to Live...a time to die...

My hero ... my Daddy

My morning began with a phone call from my brother in Utah, telling me softly that our beloved Daddy had passed away.  When the moment finally came to be given this sad news, I had peace knowing that he was now in the presence of the Lord, dancing his way through heaven, something he was unable to do down here on earth due to Parkinson's Decease.

My Daddy loved God, family, and his country.  He was a dancer--we danced in our small living room to the 45RPM records of Vaughn Monroe, ice skater--he bought me my first pair of ice skates and took me skating almost every Saturday, swimmer--he spent hours in his pool with his grandkids, hiking...anything that kept his body moving.  Even when Parkinson's struck his body, he continued going on the assisted living annual camping trips where he could cruise down a river with no pain.

Yep, my 90-year-old Dad lived a full life.  After Mom died at the early age of 66, he joined a senior citizen group and traveled the world; he even came to visit Rob and I for three weeks while we lived in Sweden in 1992.  I must say he 'got around.'  All who knew him were blessed by his humor and zest for life.

Tonight as I open to read the first few chapters of my book, Lady and the Sea, I find that I'm straining to read the words through tear-filled eyes.  I made a point to write about my mother and father so I could leave a legacy of love to my own children.  Now, in the quietness of my living room, the words on these pages sooth my soul.

Tonight my heart is half-heavy, half-light, knowing that I'll never see him again down here, yet excited that I'll see him one day in our heavenly home where we will dance together again ... for eternity.

I love you, Talmage Keith Cook, my father, my hero ... my Daddy.

Last time with Daddy in October '12