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Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Memories

God bless the USA and
Those who gave their lives for our freedom

Wherever we travel on this Memorial Day, 
let us remember those who gave their lives for our freedom.  Whether we travel the Interstate to be with 
family and friends, 
or just travel to the back porch to grill some hamburgers, 
let us consider it a privilege to live in the good old USA.

I wish you smooth sailing on this special day and 
Oceans of blessings!

My Father, a war veteran.
Now celebrating his first Memorial Day in Heaven.
Congratulations Daddy.
We miss you.


Sydney Weaver said...

I sure love that you posted your Dad's photo. It is a wonderful think to 'remember' how their LIFE mattered much on earth :)

Jennifer Richardson said...

Your dad's first memorial day
in heaven
with a proper celebration
and all the energy and vitality
his heart desires
to cherish every moment!
celebration worthy, that.
i look forward to contacting you
and the busy girls next week
and making a new date and time for
a real get-together; my summer will
start then and i will have more time
(i'll explain all the muddy waters
when we're together in person)
love and light to you,