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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Eeeek! Excuse Me, please while I scream

In the midst of my 'edit-my-blog' frustration, I will furnish this lovely photo of Istanbul '08

This is a short blurp, apologizing for the the present confusion on my blog.  I thought I would spend some quiet time updating my blog.  After two hours, I am still making the attempt to update my blog page.  However, I'm hitting some bumps, sprinkled with a bit of frustration.  A lot of confusion.  I'm not good at the latest updates on bloodspot ... see what I mean?  I meant to type 'blogspot', not bloodspot!  eeek!  See that BIG, HUGE, LARGE photo of the lovely snowfall in our backyard (taken 2 years ago in our former house)?  Well, its supposed to be half that size, but I can't figure out how to make it smaller.  And that's only half of it.

For now, I must close down shop and get on with my Sunday, which consists of taking Popcorn to visit Mom, to the market, and then back home.  Since this is the day of rest, I shall not attempt anything else to better my blogspot, as it might cause me to endanger myself and those around me.  Luckily, Rob is at work and Popcorn is hiding under the daybed here in my office.

I wish you smooth sailing and a pleasant Sunday.  And without sounding too selfish, I wish the same for me as well.

*To be continued