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Monday, July 2, 2012

summeRtime and wRiting

I must write ... on paper, on a typewrite, on my iMac ... I must write

Have you ever written a 'to-do' list and accomplished two out of the ten to-do's?  That's  me lately.  On the other hand, I'm feeling so content with my two accomplishments that I have decided to lower my expectations for myself.  I've never been an over-achiever (still can't spell the word), and now since I've quit comparing myself with them, I am doing what I love to do ... smelling more roses.  It's too hot to do anything else.  And besides, Aunt Eunice has offered to write my blogs for the next month while I focus on book signings, speaking engagements, writing blog interviews, hosting the Gate Beautiful Blog Talk Radio Show, and my new venture ... Camp Restoration.

I watched a Lifetime movie the other day about two adults who had achieved power and fame--with lots of money--but realized that what they wanted the most was to keep  Camp Pine Lake open, the place where they met and found first-love when they were kids.  Isn't that sweet?  But so true.  The sooner we learn that its the simple things in life that bring the most joy and happiness, the sooner we'll stop looking at all the possessions we think we need, and invite those around us to come over and share a meal, a coffee time, anything simple.  Splashed with a lot of love.

The other day a neighbor asked me, "Wouldn't it be nice if we could have a little get-together now and then for the ladies of Palmer Drive?"  Then it hit me.  Camp Restoration.  I'm sure you can guess where the name came from (check out my website www.sharonleaf.com).  When I lived in Fort Mill, I started a small group called Le Artist's Studio that gathered once a month. Since we began, our dark-haired beauty is now a life coach, our bubbly blond is continuing her nursing career, our mother earth is an artist/writer who started an inspiring blog and is selling her art online, and our almost-famous author is busy promoting her debut novel.  We've come a long way, baby!  And the best is yet to come!

Now I'm ready to open Camp Restoration.  Anyone is invited.  I'm a simple kind of gal, so don't expect anything fancy, but I guarantee that fun, food, and fellowship will be on the agenda.

I have to go now ... my roses are beckoning me.

For now, I wish you smooth sailing and oceans of blessings!

Write Typewriter iMac Paper