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Monday, June 4, 2012

New home, new friends, new direction

Our new backyard. Coffee tastes better while watching the sun rise.

A few moments here at my iMac to 
write a few random thoughts that are
spinning around in my head as 
I gaze out at the squirrels playing 
hide-and-seek in our backyard. 

I'm happy to report that 
I'm loving our new town, home, neighbors, friends, church, writing group ... 
... shall I continue?  
Once again, I'm on the move and 
I admit that it was hard leaving 
six years of fond memories behind in Fort Mill. But through the years I have learned to 
close one chapter with grace and 
open the next chapter with anticipation.  
One thing is for sure: 
I never leave my friends behind. 
I take them with me wherever I go, 
whether its by iPhone or landline, Email, Facebook, 
or I insist they come to the south for a 
Grits Getaway.

Wherever you go, 
take those you love with you.  
True friends are hard to find.  
I'm thankful I found the 
Palmetto Christian Writer's Network, 
and a group at Harvest Church,
"Jewish Culture."  
Yesterday we drove to the coastal town of Charleston, SC 
to participate in the Friendship Frotilla, 
a boat parade to show our support of Israel.  
The event was web-cammed to Israel.

If you would like to win a FREE copy of 
Lady and the Sea, 
scroll down until you find my interview, 
leaf a comment that qualifies you to 
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While you're browsing the internet, 
check out our new Gate Beautiful radio website 
This month (June) I'll be interviewing 
author and motivational speaker, Merry Taylor.

I'm busy with marketing 
Lady and the Sea, 
enjoying meeting wonderful people at 
book signings, receiving great reviews and 
Emails, sharing what 
Lady and the Sea has meant to them.  
My labor of love is already bearing fruit and 
that is what writing all about.

No matter what God has called you to do 
in the days ahead, 
put a smile on your face, 
then dive in with everything you've got.

Also Remember
Keep your mouth closed under water.
God is your Captain, and Jesus is your life jacket.

I wish you smooth sailing into summer, and oceans of blessings!