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Friday, April 27, 2012

Lady Traveler's Farewell to Pastor Jesse Mason

The loss of a great man of God is felt throughout the world today.  As we look back over the years, we all have our own stories of times spent with this humble man, Jesse Mason.  I'll briefly share mine, as he is worthy of my time to tell a short tale.  A few random thoughts cross my mind as I sit on my screened patio listening to the birds singing a song of victory ... and I'm sure I hear angels joining in as they are welcoming Jesse home.

Sunday School Teacher.  Worship Leader.  Associate Pastor.  Senior Pastor.  Boss.  And always a missionary at heart.  That is how I know Jesse Mason.  

The early 70's.  Around 9:15 am every Sunday morning, Jesse would lead the way as we walked next door from Christian Chapel to the condos that were still under construction.  As we trekked through mud puddles from a storm from the night before, I smiled.  I felt as if we were following Jesse on one of his missionary trips.  In the freshly painted clubhouse he taught an adult Sunday school class.  So much knowledge of the Bible, I thought.  He'll be a pastor one day I'm sure.  

Years later, I left Christian Chapel for a few years, but returned in 1987. And guess what? Jesse was now the Senior Pastor. I was delighted to see two familiar faces at the first singles meeting, to which my girlfriend had dragged me.  Jesse and Clare greeted me with open arms and I felt as if I had come home.  The following week I met my future husband, Rob, and a year later after we married, he became Singles Pastor.  During that time I was honored to be Jesse's secretary.  I spent many hours sitting in his office taking notes and listening to wonderful stories of how he and Clare met as missionaries in Japan and served the Lord.  When I grow up, I'm want to be like them and travel the world for Jesus.  

Finally, Jesse gave Clare permission to re-decorate his office, so Clare and I had fun choosing blue wallpaper to match the long, dark blue leather sofa that she chose for her husband. "I know Jesse will love this," she sighed. (I often wonder what happened to that sofa where so many men and women sat and listened to Jesse pray, prophesy, or just talk about topics-at-hand).

Rob and I have traveled the world for Jesus, and in all of our adventures for God, we can honestly say that Jesse and Clare Mason are one of the two most humble, sweet, giving, loving people on earth.  Whether hosting them in our home, or house-sitting in theirs while they traveled to Africa, their sincerity, gratitude and honesty always shined through. 

Dear Pastor Jesse, you will be deeply missed.  Our conversations shall be sprinkled with good memories of you so that your legacy can live on for generations to come.  My words are dimming through tears, so I must close.  See you in heaven, boss. 

Love,  Sharon