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Monday, April 16, 2012

New Beginnings

Sunrise in backyard of our new home in Lexington, SC

Boxes stare at me every time I open the garage. I ignore them for now. I have something more important to do. Enjoy life. Have an extra cup of coffee on our screened porch. Breathe in the aroma of the pine trees. Listen to the birds sing. And the view ... ahhh. Whatever are in those boxes can wait. And those of you who have moved certainly know what I'm talking about. I've changed over the years. In times past, I wouldn't rest until everything was in order; usually took a week or so. Today I keep all boxes in the garage and unpack one at a time. The house is tidy and presentable. The other afternoon a neighbor dropped by with a large basket -- our dinner! She looked around and commented, "My, you are all moved in." I didn't dare show her the garage lest I burst her bubble.

I am keeping this short, but wanted you to know that I'm still alive and well, just a bit more tired. I'll post some photos of our new home, our cottage amongst the pines, with a lake, on a golf course. And a screened porch with an overhead fan, a necessity on those steamy days in the south. God has truly brought us to a beautiful port-of-call where our souls are nurtured daily.

I'll be glad to get back to some type of normal schedule ... no blog talk radio show for this month, no writer's group, no writing. But one thing I do have now that I missed for six years since living in the south: my daughter, Jacquie, granddaughter, Destinee, and my son-in-law, Tom. Life is grand and I thank God every day for his loving kindness that He has bestowed upon our lives.

Oh, yes, Lady and the Sea is sailing towards new horizons. I'll soon be having a book signing in Sumter, the town where I was born. And my cousin, Kiera Cass, will be at the Columbia Book Fair May 19th to promote her new novel, The Solution, of which a major TV network is filming a weekly series, The Solution, airing in the fall.

Bye for now. Oceans of blessings and smooth sailing,