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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Successful Book Signing Tips from Aunt Eunice

   I hesitated when my niece, the almost-famous author, Sharon Leaf, came over the other day and begged me to accompany her to her next book signing.  To be honest, I have my hands full helping Betty White with her book promotion, but after rearranging my schedule, I agreed and dived in.
   "Here, memorize this," I said as I handed Sharon my personal pamphlet, How to Have A Successful Book Signing in Twenty Easy Lessons.  

   The next day as we entered Mama Belle's Bookshop I gave last-minute instructions. "First of all, darlin', you have to know your audience."
   "Oh, that's easy," Sharon replied, smiling.  "Women of all ages."
   I shook my head as I stacked thirty-five books on her table.  "That's way too general, but we'll talk about that later.  Here, I made these flyers; now walk the store and hand them out ... and smile."
   Sharon came back to her book table five minutes later wearing a frown.
   "What happened?"
   "I walked over to a large group of women who were grabbing up a book off the best-seller shelf."
   "Very good. Then what?"
   "I gave each of them my flyer."
   "Wonderful! What was their response?"
   A gorgeous blonde held up her gray-toned paperback and asked, 'Is your book anything like this one?'  I quickly answered, 'Oh, it's much more adventurous!'"
   I smiled at my niece.  "You go, girl!"  
   "But Aunt Eunice, they totally ignored me and kept grabbing that best-seller book."
   A moment later I asked, "By the way, what was  the book's title?"
   I could tell by the blank look on Sharon's face that she didn't know.  "Ugh, well, it had a gray cover and the title was something like Fifty Shades of ... ugh, the Day, something like that."
   Then I frowned.  "Oh, dear; I don't think that's the audience you're aiming for."  Then when I saw twenty women of all shapes and sizes making their way to Sharon's book table, I added, "Well, perhaps it is."
   I placed a pen in Sharon's hand and said, "Get ready, darlin', you might make it to the best-seller list after all!"  
   I knew at that moment that Sharon has a lot to learn about book signings, but I ask you, who's  better to teach her than her Aunt Eunice?
   Until next time, keep smearin' that Vaseline on your face!


Jennifer Richardson said...

i think aunt eunice may enjoy
writing her own version
of fifty shades,
auntie eunice style.
hope the book signings are
joy and rest to your soul:)
love to you
and your wrists,

Sharon Leaf said...

Thanks, Jennifer. Auntie Eunice is still banging on her old typewriter, but those fifty shades are hard for her to remember...I think her age is finally catching up to her (she'll be 91 this year).