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Friday, July 13, 2012

fRiendship and Roses

Roses from my garden remind me of the beauty of friendships

I should be writing, or doing something productive, but instead, I'm sitting on my back porch sipping coffee and thinking about how blessed I am to have such lovely friends in my life.  I don't have to see them or even talk to them on a regular basis; just thinking about them makes me feel warm and cozy.  And I'm thinking one of those friends might be you.  I want you to know that I appreciate your friendship, no matter how near or far you are.  I ignored Mr. Guilt when he whispered in my ear, "you should write each friend individually, not on a impersonal blog."  That is probably true.  However, through the years I am learning to ignore that dark feeling of Mr. Guilt, and listen to my heart.

Yesterday I worked in hubby's office--it is now up and running (yes!); afterwards I experienced a quick workout (whew!), and then went for a 'girls night out' with visiting So-Cal family to celebrate my granddaughter's twenty-first birthday (smiling!).  What fun we had acting like silly girls.  Laughter is the best medicine for a weary body and soul.

My website is still down but I shall live and not die.  Technology shall pass, but the love of God and the love of family and friends shall remain.  Wait ... I seem to be drifting again, like I often do.  I must get back on track...

To my friends out their in Blog Land, I wish you smooth sailing as you enjoy your week-end.  Work a little, play a little, love a lot.

Oceans of blessings from your almost-famous author,

Oh yes, I must mention that Lady and the Sea (a great summer-read) is heading for the New York Times Bestseller list ... should arrive sometime in this decade.  Roses Friendship Summer Writing


Diane Dean White said...

I love your new Blgsite Sharon....and all the flowers and nice photos.
So glad your aunt is back to visit. She's a hoot! :)

Have a good weekend, my friend.

Diane <3

Sharon Leaf said...

Thanks, Diane. Yep, with Aunt Eunice around, there is never a dull moment!

Jennifer Richardson said...

love and sweet southern hugs
back to you, friend:)
and yes, all will be well.

Jennifer Richardson said...

love those pink beauties
on your gorgeous farm table:)
rosy love to you,

Lily Brenner said...

I learned about your blog when I had seen Deborah Bateman a friend, post it on Facebook. I've ejnoyed a few minutes on your blog and of course liked Aunt Eunice immediately. :)
I also loved how you met your husband Rob! I met my husband at a church youth group just after my parents moved us to Missouri. It was the move of a lifetime for me! :D
Thanks for sharing.

Sharon Leaf said...

Jen, your days are coming up roses with your daughter home for a visit and your son 'almost' on his way home from Afganistan.
Lily, welcome to my blog! I hope you drop in often for a visit.