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Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Message for All Generations, Lest We Forget

Photo taken in SoCal on my granddaughter's high school graduation 2009)

Update on my life: We sold our Fort Mill house last week so I've had to speed up the packing process. But while I'm taking my afternoon coffee break today, I had to share something special that happened to me at our monthly Literary Luncheon two weeks ago.

I was feeling a bit guilty for not doing more marketing for Lady and the Sea. Then God smiled at me.

Before the critiquing began, a fellow-writer announced, "I gave Lady and the Sea to my two grown daughters for Christmas, and my 13-year-old granddaughter called me the other day and said, 'Grama, I read Lady and the Sea and I loved it. I have never heard of the Holocaust!'" My mouth dropped as fellow-writer continued, "Then my daughter got on the phone and told me, 'Mom, Lady and the Sea has opened the door for my daughter and me to talk about premarital sex, teen pregnancy, and other hot topics of interest." (yes, my debut novel touches on many hot topics of the day.)

My soul and spirit was touched by this testimony. So attention all you mothers out there, think about giving your daughter a copy of Lady and the Sea. And don't worry if she doesn't pick it up right away; I believe she will read Lady in God's perfect time. There are many layers to the story for women of all ages. My prayer is that every reader will find that certain story within the story to find faith for their future.

I will share another testimony in my next blog, but now I must put my coffee cup down and pick up another empty box. Until next time, oceans of blessings!

You can order Lady and the Sea on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, e-books, and
Video is actual footage taken on MS Restoration in 1994.

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