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Friday, December 9, 2011

Lady Leaf's Loft at Christmastime

Christmas is here at last ... my favorite time of year. .. there is magic in the air ... I'm sure it has something to do with the 'reason for the season' ... a special Baby's birth.

As you know, I had my own baby birthed a few weeks ago ... no comparison, of course! So far, Lady and the Sea has been a delight for me and for Rob. A few random thoughts:

After several book signings and my East Coast Book Launch Open House, I have been blessed to meet many wonderful people. Several ladies who work with Rob bought Lady then asked me to sign their books. What an opportunity to get to talk personally with these great gals. When I'm asked, "Are you stressed with the success of your book?" my answer is, no, I refuse to stress; I'm embracing the wonder of this journey. My hope is to get Lady and the Sea into the hands of those who need to hear a true story of faith, hope, and restoration. No matter what rough waters we have been through, or what riptide we may be going through, there will be smooth sailing ahead for those who trust God. I'll talk more about the message of Lady and the Sea next year ... only two weeks away! But for now, I want to focus on the true meaning of Christmas.

Something has changed in the atmosphere this Christmas season. Can you feel it? Everywhere I go, when I chime "Merry Christmas" I always get a friendly reply, "Merry Christmas to you." CHRISTmas + a smile = JOY! No apologies. One Target cashier told me, "No one can stop me from saying Merry Christmas." And why should they? 'Tis the season! I think people with any common sense knows by now that no one is trying to offend anyone with a Christmas salutation. I love when my Jewish friends say to me, "Happy Hanukkah!" I feel like I'm part of their celebration ... with no offense taken. We must stop carrying our feelings on our shoulders. If I'm talkin' to you, shake them off! There's only room for love this Christmas season. And that is what I wish for all of you ... Oceans of love and a very Merry Christmas!


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Jennifer Richardson said...

"there is only room for love"....I love that!
So glad for your bouncing baby
growing up so big and strong!
Happy Christmas to the both of you:)