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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Movin' On towards the next Adventure

Rob brought me to attention when he blurted out his latest poem while we were driving on the interstate this morning:

"Whether we move or we stay, let God have his way." (written by Rob Leaf)

I chuckled at the simplicity of these words, but I have to say that this is how we live our lives. Last year our neighbors didn't know whether they should move so they put their house up for sale and it sold in 4 days. After talking, thinking, and praying about it for some time, Rob and I decided to put our home on the market.

We love our home of five years, but I learned many years ago not to get attached to a house. Anywhere we live is home sweet home, whether it be at sea on a WWII ship, a train in Siberia, a cottage in Surf City, CA, or a brick home in South Carolina. So if our beautiful home doesn't sell, that is fine and dandy with us. If and when it does sell, then we're ready for the next chapter in the adventures of the falling Leafs' (we never know where we're going to land).

As we get older, our needs are changing; we can do fine with half the space that this house provides. We are looking forward to exploring new places, meeting new friends, and sharing my book, Lady and the Sea, along the way. But most important, we want to be in God's will. Only he knows where these two Leafs will fall.

Now to answer your questions of where we're going: We've learned to never say never. Having said that, we have no plans to move back to Cali (Frank). Nor are we planning another boat trip (Lennart). We are looking towards heading south to Lake Murray/Columbia area (you guessed right my friend, Jacquie Lee). It is a buyer's market; not so much a seller's market. Non the less, we have a set price in mind that we shall stick with.

A few random thoughts: The moves that seemed the most scary always ended up the best moves we ever made! I dare you to try it sometime. Oceans of blessings!

There will always be the unknown.
There will always be the unprovable.
But faith confronts those frontiers with a thrilling leap.
Then life becomes vibrant with adventure!

(picture of our back yard)

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