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Friday, November 5, 2010

Synopsis or Bust

For the Lord will guide you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9

I'm two days behind in my blogging, but I promise to catch up...whenever. You see, something exciting happened to me on Monday. I was still panting from my morning workout when I casually checked my emails. I momentarily stopped breathing when I read that a publisher was interested in reading my manuscript!! Do you know what that means to an unpublished, struggling writer?? However, along with my 100,000-word completed manuscript, they also requested a chapter-by-chapter synopsis. Do you know what that means to a wanna-be-rich-and-famous author?? Hours of typing and praying that each word is significant enough to touch the heartstrings of that overworked editor who is going to read it. A writer's worst nightmare.

I've decided not to fret about the project, but instead, enjoy the opportunity to re-live Lady and the Sea for yet another week. Yes, I still have nightmares about being stranded on the MS Restoration during Hurricane Hector off the coast of Mexico and not being able to find my orange life vest. That too, shall pass. Aunt Eunice has offered to clean my house, so that's a blessing in disguise...or another nightmare waiting to happen.

So I shall sign off for now, and remember, I haven't forgotten you, so don't forget me.
Oceans of blessings!


Jennifer Richardson said...

Hope the synopsis is going
beautifully, Sharron.
Nice to get to spend some more
quality time with your labor
of love....such a great future
for this "child" of yours:)
Pulling and praying for you both,

Sharron Leaf said...

Thanks Jennifer...I need the prayers. I'm determined to complete this phase of my project soon!

Nancy said...

Congratulations.....I am so happy for you....

Sharron Leaf said...

Thanks so much Nancy. I'm still working on the synopsis, etc. I shall finish! :)