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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Days after Thanksgiving

I'm full. I'm happy. I'm thankful. I'm peopled out. Don't take me wrong, I've had the most wonderful ten days here in California visiting family and friends. Tom and Jacquie are such gracious hosts, treating us like very special house guests (I'm not going to remind them that we're family!)

The weather has been perfect. We had breakfast in Surf City one day, and then drove to the high desert for lunch the next. The local mountains are bountiful with fresh snow to admire and to ski upon.

I'm sure I gained the five pounds I lost back home so I shall hit my faithful bicycle to nowhere when I return--after I deck my halls with boughs of holly.

Besides blogging these few lines, I haven't written on this trip, a first for me in a long time. With my book finished and at a publishing house, I chose to take a little holiday from my faithful travel Acer.

Now I must go pack my carry-on (that's all I travel with now), and prepare for take-off tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward to home. As always, I will miss my family, but keeping busy helps. But the first night I'm going to sit by the fire with our beloved Popcorn, thankful to be home.

Oceans of blessings!


Nancy said...

Sounds like you have had a wonderful and relaxing trip.....It's always nice to get a way and great to get home.......Be safe...

Sharon Leaf said...

You are so right, Nancy! There is NO place like home, no matter where you may roam.