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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Passion week, Passover, Easter

Relentless Love...that's what Jesus has for us. He never gives up, even when we give up on ourselves. Watching the movie, The Passover, reminds me of His relentless love even more.

There are special moments to be found during this season of Passover and Easter. You must find yours. For me, it is taking time to ponder on what the Jewish heritage has given me throughout history. There are differences along the way, among the Jews, among the Christians, but I believe God speaks to us individually, as we give Him permission. I have been to Israel several times--I still long to return to that small country again--and each time I walk the streets of Haifa, Netanya, Jerusalem, Jericho, my heart goes out to the people, both Jews and Arabs. They want to live in peace, and they try with all that is within them. But always, there is an undermining tension, a spiritual warfare that continues both day and night.

This blog is not intended to be political or religious, but let us continue to pray for peace...for our country, and for the peace of Jerusalem. Messiah will one day return to establish His kingdom of peace upon the earth. He shall reign in Jerusalem. I plan to be there. How about you?

In the meantime, we can do our part in spreading God's peace, especially during this Passion week. Someone in your life needs a touch of kindness from Yeshua--through you.

"La Chaime! To Life--everlasing!"

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