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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Lady Travels across America ~ From Sea to Shining Sea

November in Florida
Florida Keys

Though I have seen the oceans and mountains,
though I have read great books and seen great works of art...
there is nothing greater or more beautiful than those people I love

I'm taking an 'intermission' from blogging about our 
6,000-mile California Journey
to write about the most important part of our trip.

Sixteen states.
Six thousand miles,
from the Atlantic to the Pacific,
Two months of the mountains of Tennessee, Colorado.
The Kentucky lakes,
The plains of Kansas.
The deserts of
Utah, Nevada
and parts of California.
The blue Pacific in southern California.
Each state breathtaking and
gloriously majestic,
unique in their own way.

With that said,
the most rewarding part of our journey
was sixteen states filled with beautiful people
from all walks of life.
Retired professors, doctors,
firemen, policemen,
truck drivers, electricians,
military men and women of all ranks,
from privates to generals.
black, white, hispanic, asian.
We chatted about our families,
our travels, our future,
and our country's future.
Without fail, with no one knowing one another's political background,
everyone agreed that our country needs change, 
someone who will bring jobs back to the USA, 
who will protect us against our enemies, against terrorists,
on and on. 
We have a country full of people who know what they are talking about,
not just rattling on about what the news media tells them,
but citizens who have done their research, their homework.

Morning walk with Popcorn in the Florida Keys

We arrived in the Florida Keys on November 6th,
and we heard the same words from these 
great people from different backgrounds.

My new Florida Keys friends
One week ago, November 8th, we had an election
and the majority voted for president-elect Donald Trump.
Now it is our duty to pray and hope that he will be the best choice for our country.
We need to come together with respect and kindness for each other,
to work together,
whether we agree or not.
That is our privilege in this country.

May the Lord make your love for one another
and for all people grow and overflow,
just as our love for you overflows.
I Thessalonians 3:12

I wish you oceans of great days ahead!