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Monday, December 14, 2015

Lady Traveler recalls her gutsy year, 2015

Our front yard Christmas 2008

Stand at the crossroads and look...
ask where the good way is,
and walk in it,
and you will find rest for your souls.
Jeremiah 6:16

January was the hardest month for me this year.
I lost my dear mother-in-law, Marcella Leaf (Gi-Gi),
my sweet South Carolina cousin, Ronnie McLeod,
and my true friend, Debbie Kreitzer.
I'm still grieving the loss of these precious people.

But now, eleven months later, in the midst of December,
I'm walking in sunshine!
And I have to tell somebody...so here goes....

Christmas at the Leaf's

Since this is the last year of my 60th decade,
I decided to make a few gutsy changes
before I entered the
Decade of my 70's.

So in April I agreed to make a gutsy decision ...

On a whim, Robinski and I bought a vintage motor home
and committed to volunteer indefinitely with
Christ In Action (CIA).
We have been on two flood deployments,
Wimberley TX (June) and Kingstree SC (October)

On the road with Resti2
I swam my summer away to keep in shape,
losing a few pounds here and there.
Then I made another gutsy decision ...
I got on board the
IsaGenix bandwagon.
I'm so glad I did because
I reached three of my major health goals:
I lost 20+ pounds
with the blessings of my doctor,
I was able to go off my
blood pressure and cholesterol meds.

While praying one day,
I made a gutsy deal with Jesus ...
I told him that I would say yes
to whatever he asked me to do.
And just like Jesus,
I received an invitation the next day
to speak at a local women's conference.
All I could answer was meek, gutsy yes.

Lady Popcorn waiting for Christmas

I celebrated my upcoming January 70th birthday
in this past August. My one birthday wish:
To have my two kids here with me for a week.
 So Rob flew Shawn
 from Springfield, MO to our home.
Having them with me for a week--
--something we haven't done in years--
was all this gutsy lady needed.
(I know you moms understand)

So blessed to have Jacquie and Shawn together again. August 2015

Happy early 70th Birthday to me!
As Christmas draws near,
I am proclaiming that I have had a grand ol' gutsy 69th year.
and I am more excited than ever to see what
my gutsy 70th decade has in store for me.
Because as I have traveled near and far on this
somewhat challenging journey,
I know that it is NEVER too late for your
gutsy dreams to come true.

So, my friends, remember ...

You can never discover new oceans
until you are willing to
lose sight of the shore.

My gutsy anthology is published in the book, My Gutsy Story Anthology 2, by author Sonia Marsh.