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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Traveling back in time with my Memories

Mother's Day flowers from son, Shawn, 2010

I wish all mothers out there in 'blog land' a love-filled Mother's Day.  

Whether a biological mom (not to be confused with bionic), a step-mom, a mother-in-law, you love your children, no matter what their age.  And I pray that every child will take a few moments out of their busy schedule to drop by or make a phone call.  A card is also nice; flowers are lovely too.  Doesn't really matter as long as the gesture comes from the heart.  And if circumstances beyond your control prevents all of the above, you can do what all mothers are called to do: pray.  

My four grown children are out-of-state this Mother's Day, and Rob is working, so I plan to take a trip to the Riverbank Zoo and the bionic gardens.  I'll take a journal and write down my blessings as a mom, step-mom, and a mother-in-law.  Yes, I'm all three, and loving it.  I'll also spend time traveling down memory lane, reminiscing about my Mother's legacy of faith, love, and laughter.  What a sweet southern belle she was.  We had sixty-six years together, and I plan on spending eternity with her sometime in the future.  So until next time,

I wish you a smooth sailing Mother's Day and oceans of blessings!

I miss you, Mom,
but we'll be together some day
 in the sweet by-and-by.